that matters

Dynamis kick-starts vital infrastructure projects
by providing capital & know-how in early phases.

Dynamis hence contributes to growth and higher standard of living in Africa!

A real Impact Investment!

We help projects
come alive

Dynamis attracts sufficient capital for the region’s vital infrastructure investments, by excellently and innovatively execute robust Feasibility Studies.

Early collaboration with financial players and institutions ensures successful infrastructure development.

Dynamis is utilising excellent know-how, multi-year experience, extensive network and proven competence to achieve this.

This means shorter time to financed and installed infrastructure.


Currently, we are developing vital hydro power projects in Congo (DRC)  and other countries in Eastern and Southern Africa.

Making a real impact

Making an impact or a profit – or both ?
Many investors struggle with the two questions:


Should I make an impact or a profit?
With Dynamis, you do not need to choose – we are confident that your investment will make a high impact AND give a high yield.


If I want to make an impact – how can my investment make maximal impact?
Dynamis business model, staged processes with careful use of the capital and the catalytic attraction of external capital will ensure an extraordinary high impact per injected dollar.

During the next 4 years, our estimation shows 6 successful project launches [attracting more than 1 800 mill USD in equity and loans], sufficient to providing power to 9 mill people and water to 200 000 people. Hotel capacity of 50 000 bed-nights.

An investor “Charlie” who spends GBP 125 000 will contribute to 4% of these results, so we can say that Charlie’s impact is: 

360 000 people supplied with power AND  8 000 people supplied with water AND substantially more job opportunities. All this in relatively short time frame.

That population is predicted to raise their GDP/captita substantially.

A real Impact Investment!

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Current Projects

In Mozambique:
Ruo HPP and Alto Malema HPP
2 Greenfield Hydro Power Plants, 60-90 MW each.

In Congo (DRC):
Bendera HPP

Retrofit of an existing Hydro Power Plant, including Transmission Line, 60-80 MW.
This is an excellent investment opportunity.
Bendera HPP Project Summary
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Dynamis contributes to UN Global Goals for Sustainable Future

In 2015, world leaders agreed to 17 goals for a better world by 2030 – “The 2030 Sustainability Goals”. Guided by the goals, governments, businesses, civil society and even individuals should work for a better future:

Africa has developed enormously the last 2 decades. In most countries however, the transformation is too slow. With current nativity ratio, the GDP growth is too low to substantially lift an entire population. And without a substantial lift in standard of living, the nativity will remain high in several countries.

Sub Saharan Africa does have a great potential for growth and a higher standard of living, but there is still lack of important infrastructure as power, water, transportation. That means direct challenges for the people in the region, since they need to spend more time for cooking, washing, commuting. It also means less ability for the society to attract job creating industries, and hence the growth is severely hampered.

One specific problem is the lack of capital for early project development, which means that many vital infrastructure investments are blocked.

Dynamis has experience and competence to pave the way for and achieve installation of critical and sustainable infrastructure, which will help millions of people – in their daily life and to a sustainable future.

Dynamis has committed to IFC’s Equator Principles, as well as IFC’s Performance Standards, minimising project risks related to Environmental and Socio-Economic Impact.

Direct Impact

Indirect Impact

Direct Impact

Indirect Impact

Our team

Johan Frössling

Managing Director


Johan holds a Master of Science in Chemical Engineering

He has decades of Project Governance Experience in various major industries in Europe & Africa.

Johan founded Confidere in 2005 and is also the founder of Dynamis. He is fully convinced that sustainable good business can combine well with sustainable good lives for millions.

Johan’s speciality is Energy Infrastructure Investments.


+46 733 569 517

Dynamis Board, Regional Director and Advisory Board

– Wide and deep hands-on Experience
Johan Frössling |
Richard Colling |
Göran R. Svensson | Bo P. Löfgren

Regional Director:
Eva Shaw

Advisory Board:
Doug Kuni | Pär-Eric Lantz

Richard holds a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering. He has decades of Project Management Experience in various major industries in Europe. Richard’s speciality is Transportation Infrastructure Investments.

Göran holds a Master of Science in Business and Economics. He has decades of Project Management Experience and Real Estate Business in Europe. Göran’s speciality is Real Estate and Company Transformation

Bo holds a Master of Science in Business and Economics. He has decades of Advisory and Business Development in Europe. He has had management positions for fifteen years in listed American corporations and for the last twenty years been focused on board assignments, strategic analyses, CFO for hire and M&A.

Eva holds a Master of Business Administration. She has decades of establishing european companies on the African Continent. Eva’s specialities are Strategic Communication as well as networks with Private and Public Investment Entities and Embassies.

Doug holds a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering. He has decades of leading major Energy projects in Africa and Middle East. Doug’s speciality is Strategic Power Infrastructure Design. 

Pär-Eric holds a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering. He has decades of Project Management Experience in major Energy projects in Europe and Africa. Pär-Eric’s speciality is Energy Infrastructure Investments and local impact.


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